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Various Options Available in Home Solar Power Adelaide

Many consumers are benefiting from the various forms of solar power Adelaide has to offer. Rising energy costs and an increase in environmental awareness has turned many consumers to search for another solution to supplement or replace the high expense of supplying electricity to a household. One solution that is currently rising in popularity, in part due to government rebate programs and other financial incentives, is the design and installation of a solar panel system to generate energy provided by the sun.

There are several types of solar panels in Adelaide offered, ranging in size and, of course, in cost. Following is a glance of several different types of systems currently available to individual consumers for household use.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

These types of solar panels were more popular when solar panel systems first began to boom among consumers for home use. The solar cells are a dark black, and each cell has rounded edges due to the manufacturing process. Panels constructed of this material typically have a higher peak efficiency and were readily available. Current analyses of efficiency, however, have determined that although monocrystalline solar panels still rank slightly higher in efficiency measurements when compared to polycrystalline solar panel systems, the difference is minute and both are considered comparable in performance.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels are usually either light or dark blue, but may have a patchwork lighter or darker look throughout. Although the mid-range line of products is comparable in performance to the monocrystalline panels, some of the high-end modules match or even surpass the efficiency of their monocrystalline counterparts. Consumers must evaluate their individual needs, preferences, and expected output of a solar panel system in determining which material would be to the greatest advantage.

What are the Types of Solar Power Most Used?

solar power AdelaideLocal consumers in Adelaide are most commonly seeking to supplement the electricity their households consume in order to reduce the expense and consumption of electricity supplied by local electric companies. When government rebate programs were first introduced, the maximum value was aimed at mid-sized systems that would generate a significant portion of a household’s average energy usage, saving consumers money on utility bills, but still be within an affordable range. Over time, technology advances are allowing solar panels to be produced at a cost that is consistently getting lower, which in turn allows consumers to afford a larger system that will generate even more energy. While businesses and corporations are also beginning to implement solar energy technologies, the primary market industry is still finding the most success with individual household consumers.

Why Switch to Solar Power?

Many consumers are interested in making the switch to solar powered energy sources for economical reasons. Although it seems obvious that generating a household’s own electrical energy from the sun would save money on a utility bill, there are other expenses to consider that may affect potential savings. First, there is the up-front cost of designing a unique and individual system for a given household and the professional installation fees to consider. Although various rebates and incentives may reduce these costs, they still remain substantial amounts. Additionally, the expense and trouble of regular maintenance can be a significant factor in evaluating the overall expense. The efficiency and power output of a solar panel system can vary greatly, making an impact on the value of the solar panel system. A system that is large enough to generate more than enough electricity for a household can also pay itself off in dividends by the income it generates from routing electricity back into the commercial power grid.

Other consumers may be interested in switching to solar power because of environmental factors. In a society where so much electrical energy is consumed on a daily basis, it is a responsible and prudent decision to try to reduce the impact of each individual on the environment. Utilizing the abundant natural and renewable resources available everywhere is a practical way to help the environment. Making an effort to reduce individual energy consumption in general is perhaps the most effective way to reduce the cost and waste of energy. The significant efforts to maximize the use of solar power Adelaide residents are making will prove to be an important contribution to society.


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