Adelaide Solar City Project

Solar Energy Made Practical by Adelaide Solar City Project

With new advancements in the construction of solar panels, many businesses and individuals are making Adelaide solar powered and efficient more than ever before. Solar energy has many advantages over the conventional forms of energy used by consumer households and businesses that are supplied by electric companies. Although the relatively high cost of solar energy systems has heretofore hindered solar energy from becoming a primary source of energy for most consumers, the cost has been steadily decreasing over past years, and the economic impact of switching to solar energy is becoming more realistic and practical for many consumers.

Advantages of Using Solar Energy

  • Environmental Impact – Solar panels offer many advantages over conventional energy sources. First and foremost, solar energy is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and most renewable sources of natural energy. Switching all or part of total energy consumption to solar power substantially decreases a consumer’s environmental footprint, including the release of greenhouse gases and the consumption of nonrenewable natural resources.
  • Financial Savings – After considering the initial purchase and installation expenses, the cost of the energy generated by solar panels is nothing. Compared with the ongoing cost of energy provided by an electric company, the savings will accumulate very quickly. One consideration when evaluating a solar panel system is the payoff time, or the amount of time it will take before the system pays for itself in savings.
  • Adelaide SolarPotential for Income – If a solar panel system generates more than enough electricity to support a household, the extraneous energy generated may be sold back to the electric company if the system is connected to the local power grid. This potential for income also helps to financially offset the initial cost of the solar panel system.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels

  • High Initial Expense – Perhaps the most significant drawback in switching to solar energy is the initial cost of setting up a solar panel system. The solar panels themselves are still very expensive, although increases in technological advances are significantly reducing the cost, and costs are expected to continue to decline over time. An additional expense to consider will be the installation fees, as installation is required by professionals and may be more or less difficult depending on the location.
  • Maintenance – A smaller concern of using a solar panel system is the necessity of providing regular maintenance, and perhaps, if maintenance is neglected, necessary repairs.
  • Variability of Efficiency – Many factors will determine the energy efficiency, energy output, and cost effectiveness of a solar panel system. These may depend on such factors as the physical location of the building, how much sunlight it receives on a regular basis, which direction the roof faces, whether obstacles such as trees or shade block the solar panel system, and how much energy is regularly consumed by the household. All of these factors must be carefully evaluated and taken into account when selecting a solar panel system and deciding to switch to solar power.

Advantages that Solar Panels Adelaide Offers

  • Government Programs and Incentives – Adelaide participates in a program set forth by the Australian Government called the Solar City project. This program allows residents and businesses to participate in a trial of solar energy products and services. Additionally, residents who switch to solar power are offered attractive incentives and tax advantages that make the economic impact of switching to solar energy more affordable and practical.
  • Rebate Opportunities – Many companies and manufacturers offer rebates for solar panel systems, affording consumers the opportunity to immediately recoup some of the expenses of purchasing and installing a solar panel system.

Adelaide solar energy initiatives are making significant headway in developing a more environmentally conscious and energy conservative community. Businesses and individual consumers have shown their support by responding positively to the marketing strategies, trial products, and incentives offered. They have also been supportive in taking steps to reduce individual energy consumption and become more conscientious of their energy footprints. The Australian Government, and particularly the Adelaide Solar City project, have also shown significant support by offering financial advantages to consumers who participate in solar energy initiatives. Steps such as these are vastly important in making a significant difference in the energy crisis of the world today, and offer hope and promise to future generations of the possibility of a life of conservation and lasting natural resources.


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