Solar Energy In Adelaide AU

General Info about Solar energy Adelaide, South Australia

With the beautiful weather in South Australia, it is not surprising that solar energy Adelaide is on the up. It is increasingly becoming a crucial and reliable source of renewable energy. Almost one in seven homes in South Australia utilizes solar energy for their energy needs and are the biggest users of solar panels across the whole of Australia.

Government Initiatives

The South Australian government is using a variety of measures to ensure that uptake of solar installations is increased across the state including:

  • Funding solar system installations.
  • Becoming the first state to introduce solar feed-in schemes.
  • Investing in large scale solar energy projects across the state including the Adelaide Showground and Adelaide Airport.
  • Providing rebates and feed-in schemes to help support businesses and homes to install photovoltaic (PV) panels.


As the capital of South Australia, a number of factors make Adelaide a good place to install a solar system. The government initiatives described above mean that it has never been less expensive to install solar-powered systems in South Australia. Federal Solar credits mean that users get discounts up front on installations and the solar feed-in tariff means significant protection against rising electricity rates across the state.

Why Solar Energy Works in Adelaide

Solar power Adelaide works well in Australia because solar panels only produce energy when the sun shines. On average, throughout a year, a roof top in Adelaide gets roughly four hours of peak sun each day. Obviously, this varies according to the seasons. Based on the average of four hours, an average home using a 1.5 KW solar array is likely to generate roughly 6 KWH per day of electricity and a five KW system is likely to produce roughly 20 KWH per day.

What Capacity Solar System to Select

solar energy AdelaideThe capacity you choose to go for depends ultimately on your budget and on your aims. If you aim to just cut down on your electricity costs but do not have the budget to completely replace your electricity usage with a high capacity system like a 5KW system, it may be best to opt for a 1.5KW system initially, until you can afford to upgrade your system. This could reduce your electricity bill providing cost savings in the long run. Just to give an idea, the average three bedroom house consumes roughly 20KWH per day. In this case, if you wanted to replace your electricity use with solar energy, a 5KW system would be perfect.

Government Rebates for Solar Panels Adelaide

The Federal Government of South Australia has a Solar Credit Scheme. Each type of solar system available is allotted a number of Renewable Energy Certificates, depending on the size and location of the system. In a nutshell, the system operates to provide an upfront discount or rebate for solar panel installation which can be significant, often running into the thousands of dollars. The rebate system is one of the main reasons that solar systems are so much more affordable in Adelaide solar and why the uptake across South Australia has been so high in recent years. The cost saving, coupled with saving significant sums on rising electricity bills means that clean energy is more affordable now than ever before for millions of people across Australia.

Electricity Bill SavingsĀ 

There are two very good ways for consumers with solar panels to save money on electricity in Adelaide. The first and most obvious way of saving is by utilizing the energy generated by the solar system. In this way, you do not have to buy expensive electricity directly from the grid. The second way is using the feed-in tariff. Essentially, this means that the government pays you a rate higher than the rate of electricity if you export your electricity to the grid.

Finding the best solar energy Adelaide deals

With all of the incentives for getting solar panels in Adelaide, it can be tempting to cut corners and go for the cheapest possible deal in order to maximise on return on investment. While this may be advantageous in the short term, in the long run, you are likely to lose out as shoddy parts can only lead to disappointment and the replacement of cheap parts in the future. The discounts mean that more people than ever before can afford to go for high quality parts at the most reasonable prices. There are free solar energy brokering and advice agencies who can point you in the right direction so that you end up getting the maximum return on investment for your solar energy choice. For more information, click here.


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